Scully & Scully Redefines Registry on the Upper East Side


In an era when brides can register for just about anything—from honeymoons and charitable donations to tech accessories and, of course, tableware—without leaving their homes or even putting shoes on, Scully & Scully is doubling down on individualized, in-person service. Of course, brides can register through the Park Avenue landmark without ever setting foot inside, but the one-on-one consultation and expertise offered by the retailer are proving to be invaluable resources in an increasingly digital world. 

As it turns out, tradition is important to today’s brides, who count on Scully & Scully’s near-85 years in the business to outfit their tables and homes in a way that will last for decades. In fact, the store’s best-selling brands also boast a longstanding heritage, like Mottahedeh and Herend Porcelain, which both date back to the early 1800s. (Herend is also one of few remaining designers that still hand-paints its pieces.)

The difference is, modern brides are putting their own stamp on these classics by mixing and matching brands—a practice encouraged by Scully & Scully experts—and focusing on utility. Instead of registering for the once necessary five-piece place setting, couples are choosing everyday mainstays, like a plain white dinner plate that can be dressed up with formal accents. They’re opting for pieces that will get daily use, like morning coffee mugs over teacups and saucers, and registering for unexpected accents like pillows and fur throws. Trends also reflect the shift in modern entertaining from grand dinner parties to more casual cocktail affairs (which perhaps is the result of increasingly small New York apartments). Couples are focusing on barware in addition to china and are stocking kitchens with serving trays, crystal highballs, and sculptural decanters. To add personality, colored glass goblets are an of-the-moment favorite, like luxe options from Saint-Louis and Baccarat.

The store encourages couples to mix and match, like this Royal Crown Derby Midori Meadow Accent Plate styled atop Herend’s Fish Scale Blue Service Plate

If it all seems overwhelming, that’s where Scully & Scully’s personalized service comes in. The process starts with an initial consultation with one of the store’s wedding experts, reserved for one to two hours. Associates encourage couples to forget brand names and find what speaks to them, building from there. Sometimes, brides to be come in with heirloom pieces, like a set of plates from their grandmother, and ask how they can build a complementing collection. Scully & Scully’s experts help source pieces that fit an array of budgets—from recent post-grads to retired grandparents—so that everyone invited can find a special something for the couple. The beauty of the store’s unique system is that, unlike most registries, it operates on credits. Once a shopper purchases something off a registry, the couple receives a handwritten note from Scully & Scully (also cataloged online) explaining who purchased which item, so that they can send a thank you. Then, that gift’s dollar amount is tallied into the couple’s account. After the wedding, the newlyweds can decide which pieces to take home with the final credit amount—no returns or short sets. 

 Above all, the store’s aim is to find a happy medium between online efficiency and personalized experience. Brides looking to eliminate one element of stress from the wedding planning process can trust in Scully & Scully’s end-to-end approach and individually tailored service.