She Takes No Bull

The iconic “Charging Bull” statue on Wall Street seems to have met its match—a fifty inch tall little girl. The recent installation of “The Fearless Girl” has attracted a massive amount of attention as of late. The bronze girl was put in place by State Street Global Advisors to encourage companies to keep in mind gender diversity when hiring, and consequentially put more women in leadership positions.

Though she was not meant to be permanent, the ripple the little girl has created has sent an important message through America’s most concentrated pond of big business. Many hope companies will follow through and make some of their male heavy board of directors more balanced. After all, good leadership stems from having a diverse group of people who can provide a plethora of opinions when it comes to deciding what is best for the company.

Tourists and New Yorkers alike have been flocking to view and pose with the little girl who faces off with the quintessential symbol of American strength and prosperity. The statue appeared the day before International Women’s Day, a clear message in itself—still the plaque at the little girl’s feet reads, “ know the power of women in leadership.” The company that financed the installation believes that businesses with a more diversified board have exponentially higher capacity for success than those who close themselves off to the resiliency and power of women.

The Fearless Girl was only supposed to remain until April 2nd, but due to the efforts of many supporters, she is here to stay as a charming reminder of how great women can be given the opportunity.