Snapshot: “The New Sweater Girl”

Sweater history has followed the rise and fall of the female figure closely—voluminous and utilitarian in the 1890s, long and flat in the 1920s, glamorized and adorned in the 1940s and 50s, formfitting and mod in the 1960s, free-flowing and bohemian in the 1970s, broad-shouldered and bold in the 1980s… When it comes to women’s sweater styles, history truly does seem to repeat itself. Though never out of style (is Jackie-O ever out of style?), cardigans and monochromatic sweater sets are on the scene this season. In an ode to women’s sweater dressing, Quest looks back fondly—albeit with an air of whimsy—at “The New Sweater Girl” from a 1952 issue of Holiday magazine. In the article, Holiday’s fashion editor, Toni Robin, writes:

“The new women’s sweaters will probably disappoint collectors of pin-up art. They are designed, oddly enough, to appeal to women—the women of taste and discrimination who will wear them. The subdeb’s sloppy joe and the starlet’s preshrunk bosom accentuator have vanished, like all bad fashions. The new sweaters are chic, sleek and unusually appropriate for Christmas gifts. Comfortable, not too expensive and easy to pack, they are the elegant answer to the elegant or casual occasion.”

Handknits are luxurious and last a lifetime. This striking outfit by Vivian has a rib-knit top and a cardigan trimmed with rhinestones and gold stars. Marchal, Kislav, and Kramer accessories. (Photo by Plucer)