Soft Sell: Introducing J. Crew’s New Cashmere Shop

J. Crew has unveiled a new online cashmere shop with “18 irresistible colors you can’t find anywhere else” combined with the timeless designs with a twist that are the brand’s forte.

Scroll through the shop and you’ll eventually land on a veritable color wheel with dozens of sweater choices, plus a handy care guide (including the items you’ll need to care for your cashmere for years to come).

And finally, there’s also an interesting “all about cashmere” page that explains the connection between Mongolia (where the goat fur is combed) and Italy (where it’s spun into yarn), and offers this passage about spring’s irresistible new colors:

We’ve found great color in everything from vintage garments to post-its! We work with the color lab at an Italian mill to develop exclusive formulas to make the brightest and richest colors possible. Neons are a current obsession. Our bright dahlia color has a rich, neon-like intensity — as does our vibrant flame.

Another thing to note is that with darker colors of cashmere, like blacks and navy blues, it’s much harder to achieve softness because the yarn absorb more dye. Heathered colors are softest.

Each color of sweater should feel different — that’s one of the nuances of cashmere.