Space Copenhagen Renovates Arne Jacobson’s Radisson Blu Royal Hotel


Space Copenhagen has worked to modernize the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel’s interiors, while maintaining the original aesthetic and design that the hotel is famous for. The renovations are set to be finished in spring 2018.

Space Copenhagen aims to incorporate both original pieces from the hotel and modern design elements.

Danish architect Arne Robinson designed the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1960. It was the world’s first hotel notable for its design elements and the first modern hotel in Scandinavia. Space Copenhagen aims to bring the hotel back to the same topnotch design level as when it first opened. The Danish capital city is becoming one of the greatest cities in the world for both food and design, and the new Radisson Blu Royal Hotel would be a great place to stay.

The renovations match the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel’s heritage for creating an experience where guests can engage with new and inventive contemporary design. The redesign reintroduces features and furniture from the hotel’s opening, while also introducing new pieces meant to create an exemplary experience for modern travelers. Photographs from the hotel’s archives inspired the design. Furniture found in the hotel’s basement was even restored and incorporated into the lobby and meeting spaces.

“We are deeply honored to be a part of the renovation. The hotel is a true landmark for design aficionados around the world. It is a destination. Our intention is to preserve its extraordinary character, but we don’t want to turn it into a museum, we want to bring it to life for a new generation.”—Peter Bundgaard Rützou and Signe Bindslev Henriksen, co-founders of Space Copenhagen.

The hotel’s lobby was rearranged in order to create more space for travelers to lounge and work. The ground floor contains the original marble floors and wood-and-marble panelling, but the restaurant and bar area are now opened up to the lobby. Transparent floor-to-ceiling wooden screens subdivide these areas. This gives the Radisson Blu Hotel a modern feel, while maintaining some traditional aspects.

However, the centerpiece of the lobby is definitely the iconic suspended staircase—preserved from the original design. The large marble staircase connects the ground floor with the first floor meeting area. Space Copenhagen even recreated the original leather wrapping on the handrails.

The hotel is famous for its suspended staircase—the lobby’s centerpiece.

There are nine meeting rooms on the first floor of the hotel. Each was designed to be formal, while also providing a warm and domestic ambiance. The rooms are adorned with newly restored Egg and Swan chairs and framed lithographics from the hotel’s basement. The hotel’s meeting rooms fit up to 300 guests, which led the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel to be named “Denmark’s Leading Business Hotel 2016” by World Travels Awards.

The hotel’s nine spacious meeting rooms can fit up to 300 people.

The hotel’s 260 newly renovated guest rooms and suites are homely and cozy, while maintaining a modern feel. The beds are upholstered with Kvadrat’s Fiord textile, and the walls contain wooden panelling. This creates warmth and softness that enhance the coziness of the room.

The guest rooms and suites combine traditional homeliness with modern design.

Each guest room features deep windowsills made from a light marble that works to draw the eye to views of the city, paying homage to the fact that the Radisson Blu Hotel was Copenhagen’s first skyscraper.

The hotel is also equipped with a fitness center, including dry and steam saunas, fitness classes, personal trainers, and massage services. Guests also have access to free high-speed wireless Internet and 24-hour room service.

The Café Royal restaurant is a design destination in itself, frequented by hotel guests and locals alike. Ran by acclaimed chef Christian Paradisi, the new open layout is more informal and relaxed than the previous design. The café is furnished with soft lounge chairs, dining-style drop chairs, Stellar Works’ Ren chairs, and a Giraffe dining table that was found in the hotel’s basement.

Café Royal’s new open floor plan provides a more informal and relaxed space for guests to dine.

Café Royal’s organic curves, and the black and brass colors of the round bar match the lobby’s aesthetic, creating a cohesive experience for guests. The restaurant’s new floor-to-ceiling windows overlook Vesterbrogade—a busy shopping street in Copenhagen.

“Throughout the architecture and interior design, our aim is to create a space and an experience that people remember. It is a place for people to celebrate memories of the past, and create memories for the future too” —Peter Bundgaard Rützou and Signe Bindslev Henriksen, co-founders of Space Copenhagen.