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Ever Wondered About how to get rid of those pesky crow’s feet starting to form around the corners of your eyes, but not sure what to do, where to go, or who to turn to for advice? Tired of envying the wrinkle-free, immaculately contoured cheeks of “that girl” you often see, who always looks flawless and never seems to age? Curious about the prospect of freezing off burdensome fat (fat can be frozen away?!), but wary about whether the procedure might be right for you (or even safe)? Look no further than Spotlyte at

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Owned and operated by Allergan (the maker of Botox Cosmetic) and launched in September 2018, Spotlyte is a new and innovative digital hub of expertly curated content that helps consumers discover how beauty and medical-aesthetic treatments may fit into their routines. Spotlyte features thoughtfully researched editorial, product reviews, and insider profiles, coupled with the latest beauty news and trends. In addition to its editorial content, Spotlyte is unique in that it provides visitors with access to a team of trained specialists who are available 24/7 to chat privately, answer questions, and/or directly connect anyone considering medical-aesthetic treatments with local licensed providers and practitioners. And an essential qualifying factor—the site is brand agnostic, empowering Spotlyte to be a true resource when it comes to aesthetic treatments. There’s no mention of even Allergan’s own line of fillers on the site.

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, a 42-year-old serial entrepreneur who has been responsible for some of the greatest venture success stories in the beauty and fashion industries (she co-founded Gilt Groupe™, Glamsquad®, and Fitz™, just to name a few), is leading the charge as senior vice president of Consumer Strategy and Innovation at Allergan. “Consumers want high-quality products and are willing to invest to get their desired outcomes,” says Wilkis Wilson, whose been focused on identifying emerging beauty trends and how consumers engage with the medical-aesthetics category. “Millennials want physical products and care about the experience. They are open to spending on self-care, such as blowout services or a massage on demand.” Wilkis Wilson is currently working on a project called Moonwalker, a three-part overarching digital venture for Allergan, the first of which is Spotlyte. “Around 65 million people are considering a variety of medical-aesthetic treatments, such as facials, body contouring, or breast augmentation. There are still barriers and confusion among consumers,” concedes Wilkis Wilson. The core goal of Spotlyte is to “enable information flow and access. Spotlyte is the first step in changing how consumers can become better educated in medical aesthetics.”

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In Spotlyte’s series Her Regimen, influential individuals reveal their most trusted resources for every aspect of their beauty, skincare, and wellness regimens. Consider it your pre-vetted primer to all things gorgeous. Native New Yorker (and mother of two) Alexandra Wilkis Wilson shares her meticulously honed personal list of go-to pros and must-visit practices, clinics, and other locales, which she has compiled as carefully as she cultivates a new business. Naturally, she counts a healthy dose of startups and apps (including some in which she’s invested) among her favorites, as well as tried-and-true standbys in her Upper East Side neighborhood. From the hair stylist and colorist she’s been seeing for nearly 15 years, to the trendy new workout, skin treatments, and cosmetic injectables that she relishes, visit to discover them all.

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