Stone Island Celebrates 30 Years

On Tuesday, the STONE ISLAND 30 exhibition opened in Florence at the Stazione Leopolda. The exhibit, produced by Stone Island (the brand belongs to Sportswear Company and is headed by Carlo Rivetti), hosted by Fondazione Pitti Discovery, and curated by Simon Foxton and Nicholas Griffiths, celebrates the brand’s past 30 years, focusing on its dedication to textile research and experimentation, as well as its longstanding and unique study of garment function, use, and innovation.

The exhibit is divided into eight different areas, each dedicated to a theme of excellence that has been explored and defined by Stone Island over the past 30 years. The exhibit not only recounts a part of the history of sportswear-related fashion, but also takes the viewer through the intricate process involved in the creation of these garments.

This exhibition is Stone Island’s first celebration of its work. Carlo Rivetti, President and CEO of Sportswear Company, said, “I reckon that, having reached three decades of history, there is something for us to tell.” If your travels are taking you to Italy this summer, this exhibit (open until July 7, 2012) is not to be missed.