Students with Style

Vineyard Valet: a blog for New England preps, by New England preps.  Founded by one of our interns and his friend in the summer of 2009,  the blog’s original purpose was to be a place where students at surrounding boarding schools could visit to catch up on recent boarding school happenings.  In its third year, it has evolved into a blog where visitors can gain a true understanding of the editors’ passions.  Fully functioned by six distinguished students– two in college, and four in their last year of high school– they all have something different to bring to the table which makes Vineyard Valet a truly unique blog.  The editors have allowed outsiders to view life from their eyes while focusing mainly on style, music, and the overall prep school lifestyle.  On the site, you can find interviews with various musicians, bloggers, and designers; in addition to that, they also feature photos from personal trips, concerts, and an assortment of editorials as well.  However, thats not where it ends.  Two of the editors took on the style aspect full time by creating Vineyard Style, a Tumblr based photo blog with sources ranging from students, various style blogs, books, and even designer’s campaigns from the past and present.  So far, the overall project seems great, and we look forward to seeing Vineyard Valet grow and make its name prominent in the blogsphere.

Be sure to check out the blog here as well as their Tumblr, Vineyard Style.  You can also keep up with them on Twitter: @_vineyardvalet_