Stylish Wellness Solutions in the Comfort of Your Home


Wellness is seemingly ubiquitous today as the widespread success of boot camps, juice cleanses, and athleisure products has fostered a culture of self-empowerment and well-being—healthy is the new wealthy. This cultural shift has given rise to a new wave of wellness products and services—from meditation studios and group exercise classes to health-focused restaurants and juice bars—with the goal of keeping you fit and happy. Technogym, a company known around the world as “The Wellness Company,” provides the best fitness equipment and services in gyms, hotels, medical practices, and schools for both beginners and professionals, with the goal of transforming its customers’ lives and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Technogym has now launched its new Personal Line dedicated to at-home fitness solutions with a focus on interior design—the crossover of healthy lifestyles and healthy living areas is expected to be a major trend over the coming years. This iconic collection, which combines professional training and digital enablement technologies with elegant and contemporary designs, was crafted by celebrated architect and designer Antonio Critterio. The equipment, which includes a treadmill, bike, elliptical, among others, was made using the highest level of craftsmanship tailored to enhance mental and physical well-being in the home fitness space while complementing the surrounding environment. The line is perfect for those looking to integrate wellness into their living area.

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