Sublime Vistas

by Lily Hoagland

PB16x20Looking at Emily Buchanan’s landscapes, viewers are plunged into panoramas with a sense of tranquility and, often, the comfort of a familiar place. “I’ve always been drawn to landscape,” she explains. “As a student, I did a lot of figure drawing, portrait, and still life. It was important for me to do, and each subject matter has its unique challenges, but landscape inspires me so much more than any other subject.”

From the sand dunes of the Hamptons to the parks of Paris, Emily chooses vantage points for her paintings by what best represents the spirit of the region. She looks for interesting compositions and views that are unique to an area. “I’m painting in Malibu right now, for instance. I’m very inspired by the rock outcroppings, and the incredible cliffs as you look back from Point Dume. The light here is very soft, and feels entirely different from the East Coast.”

Emily started painting as a child with her grandmother, Eloise Lawrence. After growing up in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, she took her first serious art classes at Middlesex School, which she credits with a phenomenal program.  One of her favorite artists, John Singer Sargent, once did a charcoal of her great-grandmother, and you can see his influence in the rich depth of field that Emily’s pictures contain.

Clearly, journeying to find her next vista poses no problem for Emily. “It’s so exciting to be painting Lake George in the Adirondacks one week, and then Maine or East Hampton the next.” Her pictures bring all those wonderful places, and the emotions they can evoke, to those who can’t be there.