Summer Shopping- Hudson, NY Edition



259 Main Street


We can all agree that candlelight is infinitely more flattering than its modern counterpart. CM Cherry, a one-of-a-kind antique store, specializes in a carefully curated collection of candlesticks made of glass and crystal. If you look around you’ll find a pair of candlesticks perfect for your bedside tables, as well as a candelabra that happens to splendidly complete your dining room. (Be sure to carefully browse their impressive collection of vintage Tiffany candle sticks.) The store also carries a selection of chandeliers, which operate with candlelight only. One visit here and you won’t have to deal with those hateful fluorescent lights ever again.

Showroom April 2016_high res

F R Gillette

217 Warren Street


Your senses might feel a bit of a shock after walking into F R Gillette’s interior design showroom, after having adjusted to the small-town feel of Hudson, New York. Gillette’s designs are made to be definitively modern, but they also keep a sense of comfort in mind. You may think you could never have that all-white living room with just a pop of color in the carpet. It would feel sterile, right? Well, not at all after you feel how soft the color-spotted carpet is, and how nicely you sink in to those couches! Stop in here the second you feel your house needs a simplistic make over.



536 Warren Street


If you have been looking for a Far East accent to place in your home, you have finally found the store of your dreams! Naga Antiques prides itself on its exquisite collection of Japanese screens, sculptures, and ceramics. In addition to Asian antiques, they also carry works of art and furniture from the Art Deco, American Modern, and Beidermeier periods. It’s quite the collection. In fact, you may find yourself browsing for hours. For over 45 years, this special antique shop has been a staple of fine art in Hudson. So, if you wander in, there will absolutely be something inside you find you can’t live without.