Summer Shopping-Martha’s Vineyard Edition


Murdick’s Fudge

21 North Water Street / Edgartown


Stop anyone on the street and mention the name Murdick’s and you’ll be stuck listening to them rave about this small town establishment. Locals especially love it. For over 35 years, this mom-and-pop shop has had people chasing the delicious scent of their fudge from all across the island. Everyone from year-round residents to summer vacationers visit when they are in need of a sweet treat. In addition to fudge, Murdick’s also offers peanut brittle and the classic combination of caramel and cheese popcorn, if you happen to not be in the mood for one of their mouth-watering fudge options. But be sure to at least buy some for later. You won’t regret it!


Vineyard vines

56 Narragansett Avenue / Oak Bluffs


Vineyard Vines can easily be considered an East Coast classic. Or better: a New England staple. It should then come to no surprise that its nautical influence would extend just past New England’s border and into all areas of the country. Vineyard Vines, whose inspiration came from a series of summers spent in Martha’s Vineyard, sparked the foundation of a small tie company. In just a few years, that tie company expanded into a largely renowned clothing brand. Its pink whale logo is now ubiquitous.Despite the company’s growth and expansion, its nautically inspired roots remain and are the perfect addition to your summer holiday, whever that may be this year. Indulge a little and buy the salmon shorts. Maybe even splurge on that creative needlepoint belt. Hey, why not? You deserve it!


Island Outfitters

29 Main Street / Edgartown


Add a little prep to your step by stopping in here for a dose of brightly colored apparel. Inside, you will find the newest lines of brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Holebrook, Southern Tide, and Vineyard Vines. It’s fun finding all these classic preppy staples in one place—and easy to go overboard on summer shopping. The accessories here are also a shining star of the shop. Island Outfitters offers a variety of sea-inspired jewelry—think starfish earrings and coral necklaces that really stand out against your hard-earned tan. After shopping at here, you will be sure you are always putting your best foot forward, with a coordinating sweater right behind it.