Sustainable Is The New Black

by Marisel Salazar 


This isn’t conservative fashion; it’s conservation fashion.

A far cry from magnified pandas begging to be saved plastered across crew-neck T-shirts, the eco-friendly designs that will be stomping down the catwalk this Wednesday at the Cornell Club to raise funds for endangered animals are refreshingly modern (with a twist of course): black and white sci-fi women’s wear and lingerie, bright, exciting crochet dresses, and even looks that use a variety of green fashion methods, such as repurposed plastic.

Including pieces from London-trained Rachel Reichert, Swede Mira Bonell, and Project Runway finalist Althea Harper, the “Fashionably Sustainable Conservation Catwalk,” hosted by the Gabby Wild Foundation, maintains wearable styles from 18 designers’ collections to promote responsible, yet appetizing fashion.

Inspired by the endangered animals it aims to protect, the “12 in 12 for 12” sustainable garment collection—created by designers from Project Runway—will also re-emerge. Looks to look out for: “Red wolf” by Gordana Gehlhausen, which combines a chic taupe wrap paired with sleek burgundy skinnies that are so quintessentially fall, and “Kakapo” by Jay McCarroll, a hymn to the moss-green owl parrot.

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Ready to enjoy the show and help save an endangered animal? Join the Gabby Wild Foundation at Cornell Club (6 East 44th Street) on August 7th at 7:00 PM.

Call or email Kerry Strassel at 212.692.1381 or for tickets.