Swing And A Hit

Bob Hardwick Album ShotBob Hardwick was born in Louisville, Kentucky, with the gift of perfect pitch. He discovered a love of composing at the tender age of four, and later attended graduate school for music studies. But rather than throw himself into a career in music, he followed in the family’s footsteps and went into banking. Still, he tried to juggle both his career at the U. S. Trust Company and his musical passion. For over a decade, he would run from the office to late-night gigs and back again in the morning.

Then one day in 1989, he was playing a Kentucky Derby party in his hometown when he met film star Gregory Peck. Upon hearing of Hardwick’s dual life, Peck had some advice for the financier-cum-musician: “A career in the arts,” the actor proclaimed, “is always preferable.” Hardwick took those words to heart and walked away from the world of banking to start his band, the Bob Hardwick Sound.

Peck’s words of wisdom paid off: Hardwick has become one of high society’s favorite acts to book, has played for royalty and presidents, and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in classical and contemporary music, from Luciano Pavarotti to Paul McCartney.

Hardwick’s signature throwback style makes him a spiritual descendent of the Dorsey brothers, and recalls all the best that old Hollywood bandleaders used to offer. Whether performing at a Palm Beach cotillion or a gala at the American Museum of Natural History—or even at President Obama’s inaugural ball—he brings a lively and danceable class act to every occasion. He has also recently founded a rock/pop band, the Bob Hardwick Sound Sensation.

It’s clear that following where his true passion was the right move for Bob Hardwick. As Quest and Q columnist Liz Smith says, “He is a guy who left banking and went into making people happy with his multi-style dance music. (If only more people had left banking.)”

For more information, visit www.bobhardwick.com.