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A Timeless Timepiece by Hermès: The Acreau de Soir

Hermès is pleased to introduce, The Acreau Robe de Soir a 12-piece limited numbered edition watch imbued with the Hermès saddle and leather-making heritage, which transposes the art of contemporary mosaic into the playful world of Hermès. Available in stores now, the rose gold Acreau boasts radiantly vivid colors displayed throughout the design and features an equestrian motif.

Puttin’ On The Ritz

by Alex R. Travers Over the years, Quest has resolutely set out to find exciting getaways. Our latest travel destination: Montréal. Just 360 miles from New York City, Francophiles from all over gravitate to La Métropole du Québec to take in its rich culture. Here, with the Ritz-Carlton Montréal as a temporary home and a …

Meet the new artistic director at Hermès

After seven years designing women’s ready-to-wear, Jean-Paul Gaultier is stepping down from his post at Hermès. The surprise replacement is Christophe Lemaire, who’s known most recently for breathing new life into Lacoste. Lemaire also designs an eponymous line that blends Eastern influences with French high-fashion, ultimately creating voluminous figures that tend to enshroud the entire …