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The Drama League’s Next 100 Years Preserving Theater in New York City

The Drama League of New York, since 1916, has been at the forefront of the American theater community. It is one of the nation’s oldest continuously operating nonprofit arts advocacy and education organizations, and today, there is still nothing like it. “The Drama League is the preeminent organization that supports directors—the visionary center of the creative process,” explains Gabriel Stelian-Shanks, executive artistic director. “We provide training, mentorship, and development for the artist who is often invisible.”

The Science of Guilt

An exciting new play is arriving to the DR2 Theater. The Science of Guilt tells the story of John, who has created a little green pill that “cures guilt.” Telling his older brother Kevin that they can make billions off it, the audience is left speculating whether the pill really works, or if it is …