Taking The Next Step With Celerie Kemble


Here, Quest debuts a column with The Next Step Realty, guiding twentysomethings as they move to—and shake in—New York City. This month, Celerie Kemble’s team at Kemble Interiors offers advice about decorating your first apartment:

1. Instead of pictures, frame vintage
wallpaper—or, for the big bucks, wallpaper your apartment. Nothing makes a bigger change.

2. Swing-arm wall sconces with cord covers add light and style.

3. Paint! With a little sweat, you
can always return your walls to the original color when you move.

4. Daybeds make pretty sofas,
doubling as a place for your family and friends to crash.

5. A bright and colorful rug and
a sisal or natural fabric on throw pillows can make any solid-color seating into a story with the addition of something that looks artsy!

6. White slipcovers can be bleached.

7. Plants reinvigorate any home—
big or small—by bringing life to the space.

8. Closet doors take up a lot of space. A shower curtain can “close” the closet, allowing you
to use more of the room.

9. The pieces of furniture to invest
in are “bunching” coffee tables,
an étagère, and a bedside lamp
(vintage works best).

10. Coffee-table books that reflect your interests or a quality
candle on a tray have the ability
to spruce up any surface.

11. A skirted table can hide a T.V. when you’re entertaining.

12. Stackable glasses are a must for kitchens.

13. Change the hardware in your
bathroom and kitchen—to
personalize the feel of your home.

14. Plywood from Home Depot
covered in fabric makes
for an attractive headboard or
pelmets for your windows.

15. Look for art at websites like www.20×200.com or
www.at60inches.com. You can
also make your own by
uploading your Instagrams to www.uplo.com, which frames
your favorite pictures for you.

Here’s a sneak peek of the article, which hits stands on Friday: