Talking Shop with Linda Horn

The Linda Horn store began many moons ago with the idea of bringing something into this country that was represented in other places but not necessarily here. It began with just antiques and very, very decorative 19th-century objects—no plain brown furniture, just interesting and amusing things that I thought would keep the attention of the consumer. But through the last decade, it slowly evolved into a melting pot of ideas and styles and hopefully something to satisfy the taste of everyone.

Sitting here in my store, I look into the distance and see an antique piece in the background, while the foreground is filled with all sorts of interesting new things and re-creations that could possibly be inspired by what was once here…as I said, a true melting pot—never the same, never boring—and always amusing. As I walk around my store, I am always amazed at how well all of this merchandise from different places, in different eras, blends together so well; maybe it’s because you’re seeing the perspective of one individual—the core of the collection has one soul with many personalities.

I actually like everything I buy; I don’t buy for someone else or based on what is supposedly going to sell or what’s hot this week or year or any of that. I’ve always said, If I feel that when I turn away and have to look back—meaning, something captivates me—then I know that it’s absolutely the right choice. And that’s a practice I believe everyone should consider.

My store is a love story, the story of a passion for beautiful things…to share with each and every one of you…

—As told by Linda Horn