The AMM Team Defines A New Era in Real Estate

As with any commission-based sales industry, real estate brokerage is tremendously competitive. Especially in New York City, one of the world’s most expensive and desired residential metropolitan areas. Historically, New York City real estate has been dominated by brokers working individually. However, as technology evolves and a younger generation of brokers usurp the industry, there are indications of a new age of real estate brokerage characterized by collaboration and teamwork. Sotheby’s International Realty’s AMM Team—Amanda Cannon Goldworm, Megan Duryea Scott, Merrill Curtis, and Brooke Block Kennan—has clearly cracked the code.

Brooke Block Kennan, Megan Duryea Scott, Merrill Curtis, and Amanda Cannon Goldworm of The AMM Team at Sotheby’s International Realty.

Together, The AMM Team boasts more than 40 years of combined experience representing different areas across the city—from the Upper East Side to Tribeca, and everything in between—as well as networks in many destinations outside Manhattan like Palm Beach, Vail, Millbrook, Locust Valley, Greenwich, and Nantucket. Plus, they have maintained strong relationships with an extensive roster of the best designers and architects. Seemingly with an answer for everything, these four work better as a team than they would on their own. “Once we started working together, there was no doubt that we’re stronger together,” said Goldworm. “I couldn’t do half of what I do if I didn’t have such incredibly capable partners,” added Curtis.

The living room at 129 East 69th Street, #5B, sold by The AMM Team.

To the AMM team, brokerage is a customer service business. And with that, communication is key, which is why working as a team has proven to be such a successful business model. Between the four of them, a team member is always able to give the client an immediate response to an inquiry. “Real estate is extremely fast paced; we are constantly receiving emails that need our immediate attention, for example, at midnight or later for showings early that same morning, so a quick response is always expected,” said Scott. “People inquire at all hours, so we make ourselves available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. While real estate can be flexible now, that’s certainly not us—we’re full time, around the clock.” The team’s passion and collaborative attitude, in partnership with new-age technology, are largely responsible for this seamless communication between the team and their clients, but also among each other. They communicate by way of email threads and text chains at all hours, so that they are always up to speed with pending transactions and able to collectively address client needs.

The AMM team’s natural chemistry has been the driving force behind their success. Among these women, there’s no hierarchy, no ego, no leader—each member is an equal, hardworking contributor. Rather than a specialization, AMM has proven to be a full-service group, able to connect to their clients on a personal basis. It is the team’s depth of knowledge of different neighborhoods, individual buildings, floorplans, and the intricacies of cooperative boards that distinguishes them among their peers. Prospective homeowners can trust that AMM’s number one priority is to provide the best outcomes for their clients and not individual success.

350 East 57th Street, #10A, an AMM Team listing.