The Brown Shoe

Recently here at our Quest offices we received a rather interesting package…a shoe. Not plural, but a single brown Roger Vivier heel, delivered in a most unusual way—not in a box or package, but postmarked itself and sent all the way from Asheville, North Carolina, to New York for the mere price of $2.41. At first, we were dumbfounded as to how or why the shoe was sent. But then, the mystery of it all began to unravel. Laminated on the inner sole of the shoe was the name of a website,

Palm Beach’s Sarah Mettler, the site’s founder, is a shoe designer with an undying love for her craft. She created the website to give fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to design shoes of their own genius, directly on their iPhone, pod, or pad, with the hope to “globally inspire the next season’s shoe designer.” Not only are you able to print, email, or save your finished design to the “your line” function on the application, you can also upload it on to the website for an online contest, for a chance to become a world-class shoe designer. Now, get to it and start designing.