The Color Whisperer

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Kyle White, the colorist at Oscar Blandi Salon, is known for emboldening his clients (and their hues) through his wealth of expertise and talent. Hair, to him, isn’t dead—it’s dynamic. He endorses the adage “Dark for Winter, Light for Summer,” explaining, “Replace that warmth from summer with your hair color, because warming your hair can warm your face. You want contrast between your complexion and your hair color. Think about how wearing different clothing can influence your coloring and encourage a rosy glow.” In terms of trends, Kyle White notes: “It’s more about multi-tonal hair, with lots of roots on blondes and lots of dimension. It’s multicolor hair, and vibrant shades. Color like you mean it.” Here, we chat with The Color Whisperer about caring for your hair—colored or not:

1. Skip The Shampoo: Plan to wash between one and three times per week, relying on Oscar Blandi’s “dry” shampoo for freshening. White adds, “Definitely do not brush when it’s wet. You want to be very gentle, using a detangler and a wide-tooth comb.” And invest in a T3 Source Showerhead Filter (which removes chlorine) to preserve your color and protect your stands.

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: Condition by creating a mask with coconut oil. “Also, when we talk about moisture for hair, we refer to treatments,” shares White. “But you can sleep with a humidifier, so that you’re plumping from the inside out as well as from the outside in—and it’s good for your skin!”

3. Protect And Conquer: Remember a protectant when styling with heat because, as White explains, “Color can fade, like clothes in the dryer.” And don’t use a metal brush, which can cause damage by conducting heat.

4. Beware Of Breakage: Scarves can cause breakage at the nape of the neck, so opt for fabrics like cashmere and silk. And, during the season of events—a.k.a. the season of updos—choose clips over elastics.

5. Beauty On The Inside: Supplement your regimen with “vitamins” like Biotin, Omega-3, and Viviscal.

6. Request The Works From Your Colorist: Products like L’Oreal’s “Ammonia-Free Lightening Paste” and Olaplex are revolutionary, because they preserve the integrity of hair. For bleaching, without the burn!