The Fountain of Youth in a New York Minute

Cancel your ticket to the Fountain of Youth and ditch those magic potions because renowned dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and beauty expert, Dr. Neil Sadick at Sadick Dermatology, has discovered the secret to combating the effects of aging. In his new book, The New Natural, Dr. Sadick shares how every woman, at any age, can “turn back time” the natural way. The doctor has combined his extensive knowledge on the latest skin-care advances with a desire to have every woman looking her best, to create this must-read “guide to scalpel-free age reversal.” With everything from tips and tricks to maintaining soft and supple skin to a guide to the wide variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures out there, Dr. Sadick provides the best options available for every budget and skin type.

Do you want to look 10 to 15 years younger on your lunch break? Then make an appointment at Sadick Dematology for a SmoothShapes Cellulite Treatment to zap those annoying fat pockets that the Stairmaster just won’t seem to get rid of. Or, if you have one too many smile lines, make an appointment for Juvederm. You’ll be in and out of the doc’s office in the time that it takes you to meet a friend for a bite at Swifty’s.

Sadick Dermatology is located at 911 Park Avenue (there is also an office in Great Neck, NY). For more information, please call 212.772.7242 or visit