The Gift of Being Refreshed at Oscar Blandi Salon


Oscar Blandi—the first-class salon favored by the most polished of swans, including Ivanka Trump as well as Julia Roberts, Naomi Watts, and Reese Witherspoon—is debuting its newest sensation this week: “blow-outs plus Botox.”

On Friday, December 2, prep for the coming month’s madness with an experience that refreshes your look, enhancing your hair and your skin. The salon, at 545 Madison Avenue, is evolving into an oasis for the busiest of beauties: a one-stop shop for cut/color plus the addition of skin-improving products (including Botox). The idea? An endeavor to create an experience that addresses health, with an extensive menu of services (including treatments for clients with thinning hair).

The cut/color services are delivered by the salon’s talented team of pros, including owner Oscar Blandi as well as his brother, Luca Blandi, and Kyle White (who Quest has named “the color whisperer”). And the Botox is being administered by Dr. Kavita Mariwalli, one of CBS’s experts who has a private practice where she specializes in dermatology-centered surgery.

For more information, contact Oscar Blandi (545 Madison Avenue) at 212.421.9800.