The Globetrotter’s Closet

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Our readers are known for their constant jetting around! All that travel—whether it’s to your cottage in Nantucket or estate in Southampton—can be very stressful to pack for. You can finally cross off the panic of packing. Writer and woman-about-town, Karen Klopp, has written a brilliant guide to packing and dressing for every event or vacation, all in one perfectly portable book.

Karen is an energetic, jet-set woman herself. All her years of going from her Upper East Side apartment to Millbrook (and down to Vero Beach) taught her valuable lessons to share when it comes to packing. She has been through the frenzy of trying to pack for a themed wedding and knows the differences in attire between clay and formal shooting. We are all forever grateful she has saved us from making any more outfit blunders or omissions!

The book is as easy to read as it is cute and fun. The illustrations by Lara Glaister give the reader a little inspiration when it comes to applying the packing lists to your own closet. It’s easy to say “mix and match neutral pieces from your closet” when picking out clothes for a safari, but the ideas really come to life when you can see a more interesting outfit already thought out for you.

We cannot stress enough how helpful Packing for Travel: From Jetset to Trekset, the Definitive Globe-Trotting Guide has been. Ever forget to bring a sweater out on the boat? It seems like the perfect sunny day on shore, but Karen reminds you the wind really picks up once you get out on the water!

In addition to packing and event attire advice, Karen also included a section to help women dress for the everyday. She had the foresight to include tips for outfitting your body type; what pieces to splurge on; and where to restrain yourself from making purchases when it comes to your closet.

Never again will you overpack with this secret weapon! In addition to her book, Karen’s website “What2WearWhere” ( is constantly being updated with possible looks for upcoming philanthropic events. Didn’t have a clue what to wear to that gala this month? Now you do! No matter what you are dressing for, Karen has got you covered from head to toe.

Wherever summer, or future, travel takes us, this book is one item we will always keep in our carry-on!