The How-To’s of Hiring a Private Staff


If you’ve never hired private staffing before, the prospect can be a bit jarring. Whether you’re employing one staff for a single residence or a team for multiple homes, optimizing performance requires having, first and foremost, the right employee(s) and, secondly, a proper management approach. 

The first step is to find a staffer who is best fit for your home and lifestyle. From personal assistant to housekeeper, estate manager, or private chef—any role requires some basic management and supervision techniques. Obtaining the highest-performing and most cost-effective solutions starts with a good job description and ongoing communication to review. Once you’ve found the right candidate, it’s critical to have an employment agreement and a confidentiality agreement in place. And for full-time employees, payroll in compliance with IRS and local tax withholdings is important.

This is where Private Staff Group (PSG) comes in. The company helps ensure clients’ privacy and confidentiality, which is more paramount than ever in today’s age of iPhones and social media outlets. PSG will also consult with clients about proper pay rate, benefits, and total compensation. For example, a personal assistant’s compensation can range from $75,000 to $150,000. Finding the right salary for your employees starts with finding a balance between the marketplace salary rates and your needs and standards.

Having the luxury of employing private staff is both a privilege to enhance your lifestyle and a responsibility to manage the performance versus expense. Once the right people are in place, homeowners can experience the best service, style, and ambience in all aspects of their lives—facilitated by workers in tune with their wishes. 

To get there, it’s important to find prospects with the right skills, talent, and employee references that vouch for their reliability. PSG views the process as one of evaluating chemistry, fit, skills, past experience, and future career aspirations to find the right employee for a solid, long-term relationship (not necessarily just the perfect resume). 

Working with a recruiter like PSG involves a conversation to clarify the personality and talents of the ideal employee for each homeowner’s needs and expectations. Service, productivity, protection, and peace are the primary standards to hire, employ, and realize a great private staff relationship. That’s a tall order, but it’s much more easily navigated by a recruiter who will deploy a hiring plan, implement on-boarding and background checks, and find talent with a chemistry and fit for your family.

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