The Legacy of Peggy Adams

ARL13_047The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League was established in 1925 to serve the community of Palm Beach County. For 90 years, the organization has continued to evolve—and 2014 was a record of a year: 10,756 animals received spay/neuter services (including 4,885 cats that received trap-neuter-vaccinate-return services); 3,936 pets were adopted into homes; and 1,381 pets were cared for by volunteers.

“It’s incredible to think of the thousands upon thousands of lives that have been saved by the league over the decades,” says Executive Director/C.E.O Rich Anderson. “We also have a wonderful board of directors that has set the vision for the league to make sure we’re having the greatest impact and more than 350 dedicated volunteers who donated 46,000 hours of service last year alone.”

The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League continues on its positive trajectory by introducing Countdown 2 Zero, a community collaboration launched by the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League with Animal Care and Control and the County of Palm Beach. The mission? To end the euthanasia of adoptable animals in the area by 2024, through initiatives ranging from adoption and foster care to spay/neuter services.

Countdown 2 Zero opened with a bang in September 2014, when it hosted an adoption event at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. “It was amazing to see so many animals from nearly 30 recuse groups available for adoption in one place,” says Lesly Smith, chairman of the board of directors. “Cats of all types. Greyhounds, Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds—dogs of every shape and size. In just eight hours, 313 pets were adopted into new, loving homes. It was a very exciting day for our community.”

Pauline Pitt, a member of the board of directors who organizes the events like the Christmas Ball at the Sailfish Club, speaks on her experience with adopting: “On a personal level, it’s very difficult to go to the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League and not want to walk out with several of the animals. Your heart goes out to them, yet they are so well treated there. One day, about three years ago, I arrived with my daughter to do something at the office. There was a lady outside with a little, pink crate who was bringing her cat in. I said, ‘Julia, let’s take it home!’”

And that’s the sort of commitment—the sort of heart—that the community of Palm Beach devotes to the cause. Whether it’s by attending the events or by adopting and fostering at the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, it’s the people of the county who are making the difference.

For more information on the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League at 3100/3200 North Military Trail in West Palm Beach, call 561.686.3663 or visit