The New King of Krug

Photograph: Cerutti + Drame; stylist: Jodi Moreno.

Just in time for your most special of holiday celebrations, the house of Krug is debuting Krug 2004, almost 13 years after it first entered the Champagne maker’s cellars.

Krug’s latest effervescent ace is more than just a combination of grapes—it is a dialogue among them. Shining notes of Chardonnay (39%) open up the bottle, followed by a hearty backbone of Pinot Noir (37%), giving way to more vivacious and citrusy notes of Meunier (24%).

As Cellar Master Eric Lebel notes, “With its delicacy, harmony, and bountiful citrus of all types, Krug 2004 evokes the sensations of early summer mornings in Champagne. Its combination of radiant generosity and crisp precision led us to name it ‘Luminous Freshness.’” The full story of 2004 is available via its Krug ID, the six-digit number on the back of each label. Entering this number on the Krug ID app or will reveal the history of the bottle in hand, along with suggested music pairings. A nice touch.

Speaking of pairings, if you’re looking for inspired menus to serve it with, Krug 2004 goes well with sea urchin, salmon tartar, or caviar—a bright and festive start to any holiday gathering. If you’re serving more than just passed hors d’oeuvres, think about some other courses that might do well with this special vintage, like artichoke with a lightly spiced, creamy mayonnaise; delicate white fish in lemon sauce and olive oil; or sole meunière. Given its citrusy nature, any Thai foods with ginger and lemongrass are a no-brainer. Whatever you may choose to serve it with, here’s to raising a glass of Krug 2004.

Photograph: Cerutti + Drame; stylist: Jodi Moreno.