The Palaces of Palm Beach

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The charisma of palm beach is unmatched: an enclave defined by a world of taste—with residents who boast the resources to explore their visions. Jennifer Ash Rudick, in Palm Beach Chic (The Vendome Press), describes the town as “the land of dreams come true, a world of imaginatively designed and quality-built nesting places. High tray ceilings, proper entrance halls, excellent proportions, a sense of propriety, but not a trace of competitive consumption. Palm Beachers live graciously but with the individual interpretations of the concept.”

Residents, including the 25 whose homes are featured in the book—ranging from Broadway producer Terry Allen Kramer to fashion designers Josie Natori and Lisa Perry; art patron Beth Rudin DeWoody; interior designers Lars Bolander, Meg Braff, and Pauline Pitt; and Leonard Lauder and Harry and Laura Slatkin—approach their addresses with a worldliness, cultivated from their rare experiences.

Here, a collection of the palaces that capitalize on world-class architects, decorators, and designers for spaces that are personal (and, therefore, perfect). As Rudick explains: “These homes and their magnificent gardens aren’t slavish copies of interior design magazines or decorators’ dictates but testaments to what can be achieved when inspired by the natural beauty of a unique locale and when imagination is one’s only limitation.”