Plaza Hotel Announces Geoffrey Zakarian as Culinary Director

plaza palm court

Yesterday, “The End of Saks Fifth Avenue As We Knew It” appeared in The New Yorker:

When Saks Fifth Avenue opened, between Forty-ninth and Fiftieth Streets, on September 15, 1924, shoppers in fur coats and pearls mobbed the sales floors. The first package out its doors was a silk top hat, sent to President Calvin Coolidge. The Roaring Twenties had brought sudden prosperity to a nation tired of sacrifice, and wealthy shoppers were ready to spend. Then came the Great Depression. By 1931, Saks was advertising price cuts on its fur coats. The frenzy was over.

Now, some ninety years later, that narrative is repeating itself, but this time the gilded days may be over for good.

But today—today!—a promise that the gilded days may not be over for good, which comes courtesy of the Plaza Hotel announcing Geoffrey Zakarian as culinary director. Zakarian will bring his experience at New York institutions like Lambs Club and National Bar to the Plaza Hotel, reinvigorating the Oak Room and Palm Court. “I want to leave as much as we can in place, the way they do with the great old restaurants in Paris,” he said.

New York, and old New York, await the debut of the chef’s menus with bated breath…