The Prevailing Party

Is seven years a little too soon to be waxing nostalgic about a place? Maybe, but the Surf Lodge has already cemented its spot in Hamptons history and, love it or hate it, has proven to have a staying power that many had underestimated. When it opened in 2008, Montauk was not the scene it is now, and people wondered about the wisdom of opening a club in what was considered the sleepy fishing outpost on the Hamptons map. Who would want to go all the way out there for a party?

Everyone, it turns out. The locals’ hostility toward the late-night revelry was (and still is) well-documented, but so, too, is the revelers’ love of the place. The younger generation of Hampton-goers needed a spot to play in after hours, and they finally had it. Montauk became less “fishing hats and flip-flops” thanks to the spreading of the new Hamptons aesthetic, and now, the Surf Lodge seems to be a perfect fit for the area. Even the naysayers gave in and ordered a sangria.

This refuge for sun-kissed shoulders, dancing sandals, and sandy sundressed proves that a good venue is a universal need,  even in what appears to be an unlikely place.