The Road Less Traveled: Enterprise In Europe


There are many sensible ways to plan memorable trips: days of diligent research, thorough background reading, the considered counsel of well-traveled friends. All of these seem wise enough. But alternately—if faced with a sudden barely-thought-out itch for a road trip somewhere off the beaten path with sprawling scenic views, accompanied by a vague hunch that this may be the kind of thing best done in Europe—you could just pick a place, book a flight, rent a car, and see where your instincts take you. That’s what many in the grab-life-and-go brigade do. And they find that Enterprise is eager and ready to help them plan their journey.

With over 7,200 locations in more than 70 countries, Enterprise’s fleet of vehicles, which includes a mix of exotic cars, is impressive. In fact, Enterprise is the largest car rental provider in the world, with branches now located at all major airports throughout Europe. Along with a vast selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs, in several cities, much of what is special about Enterprise is its customer service—caring, friendly, and accommodating. Making a reservation online (, over the phone, or in person is easy, and the staff are knowledgeable. Plus, they’ll make sure you get to where you are going in style.

Of course, on your trip, you may have no specific destination in mind. That’s OK. Enterprise encourages its customers to take the roads less traveled, to explore places that naturally draw you in with their beauty. After all, it’s often the unintentional findings that make the most memorable experiences. Happy travels.