The Standard-Bearer of Luxury: the Macallan Masters of Photography Series

Among those who savor their single-malt, the Macallan is synonymous with luxury, refined taste, and authenticity. Founded in 1824 in the heart of Speyside, Scotland, The Macallan continues to set–and raise–the world standard in decadence and fine quality.

This year, Macallan has commissioned Annie Leibovitz for the third edition of its universally acclaimed Masters of Photography series. The collaboration couldn’t be more perfect given the nuanced tones and unadulterated richness of both Leibovitz’s images and Macallan’s single-malt.

Actor Kevin McKidd–a fervent Macallan drinker who, in fact, worked at the Macallan distillery in his youth–is Leibovitz’s subject, and New York City’s most elusive and alluring spaces is her setting. As to be expected, these shots are paralyzingly gorgeous, and four different single-malts have been hand-crafted to suit the emotion and character of each photo.

“Prior to this I hadn’t realized how complicated and deep the distilling process is,” says Annie Leibovitz of the collaboration. “That warmth and richness is what I tried to bring to the photographs. Kevin McKidd drove the imagery. Where Kevin comes from and his rugged good looks are what the photographs are all about. It wasn’t casting, it’s authentic.”

1,000 of these limited edition bottles have been created and are priced at $2,750. For single-malt connoisseurs, and for those that relish indulgence in any form, the Macallan Masters of Photography Series is truly the luxury event of the summer.