The Stax: Merging Love & Beauty

After losing her mother to cancer five years ago, Victoria Lampley-Berens sought a way to channel her grief into something beautiful and sentimental. For her, sourcing jewelry was the perfect answer, allowing her to help others commemorate happy moments in their lives, like an engagement or birth of a child, or honor the loss of a loved one. During the throes of COVID, Lampley-Berens turned this dream into a reality, officially launching The Stax in early Spring of 2021. The company is analogous to an art advisor, steering clients to both invest in heritage jewelers and contemporary talent to make heirlooms that come from the heart. Inspired by her mother’s love of jewelry and the pieces she inherited, Lampley-Berens strives to help others create the same connections to meaningful pieces. 

Victoria Lampley-Berens

Most recently, The Stax partnered with Sotheby’s Palm Beach, and presented a curated selection of fine jewelry from international female designers in the lead up to Mother’s Day. “David Rothschild, the Senior Vice President and Senior Specialist of Private Sales at Sotheby’s, saw one of our early Instagram posts spotlighting a vintage bespoke ring of my late mother, and reached out. Then we brainstormed a way of merging the aesthetic world of The Stax with Sotheby’s heritage, and it all took off from there. It’s a totally serendipitous twist of fate—my late mother lived in Palm Beach for a time, and she loved jewelry. I wanted to start this business in honor of her, so everything about this partnership felt right,” said Lampley-Berens. The exhibition, which featured more than 100 pieces from female-led jewelers, benefited Mother Lovers, a non-profit that raises awareness for the maternal health crisis in the U.S. “In terms of style, we wanted to mix the glamour and nostalgia of the Slim Aarons Palm Beach world with the contemporary new-wave of international clientele and residents who have flocked to Palm Beach,” said Lampley-Berens. The Sotheby’s exhibition displayed a brilliant mix of classics and contemporary must-haves, along with a handful of exclusive pieces that have never been on display before—a curation that captured Palm Beach style. “Reflecting the tropical landscape, the cocktail parties, the prints on prints from head-to-toe, and the layering of heritage and antique jewelry stacked with modern and contemporary pieces, our exhibit really paid homage to my love for the island and its history,” said Lampley-Berens.

 Lydia Courteille’s Maracaibo Crocodile Earrings ($43,008).

As of 2022, The Stax has shifted from working solely with personal clients and providing advisory for their collections, to a more hybrid model. In addition to sourcing jewelry and commissioning bespoke pieces, The Stax now also works alongside a selection of retained jewelry clients to advise them on everything from brand storytelling, fostering relationships with people of influence, showroom and PR introductions, brand collaborations, increasing production, trunk shows, social strategy, styling campaigns, business development, and more. Having grown up all over the globe, Lampley-Berens has built an extensive and international network to help clients gain awareness of both domestic and international markets. Her business partner, Laurel Pantin, grew up in Austin and is now with ByGeorge, so The Stax has particularly been gaining traction in Texas.

Victoria Lampley-Berens with her mother, Joanne Lampley Metcalf, and her sister, Brooke Lampley Papagianis, when they first moved to Palm Beach. (Photographed by Tierney Gearon)

No matter what project she’s working on or where, it’s love that—at the end of the day—keeps Lampley-Berens moving forward and will continue to be the main motivation for the future of the company. “It may sound mushy, but I love love!” said Lampley-Berens. “From the love for my family, to the love for a magnificent stone, or beach, or a memory. Love permeates everything I do, and my goal is to always strive towards love in my business and away from fear.”

Alice Cicolini’s High Sari Odisha Ring ($27,200) was inspired by the geometric symbols that adorn Orissan saris.