Think PINK!

Trends are constantly evolving to satisfy the fickleness of the consumer; yet, “Millennial Pink” bucked that convention and has long overstayed its welcome. The faded, dusty-toned pink has been ubiquitous, appearing on the runways and all over our social media feeds since, well, the technology-obsessed Generation Y made it so.

See below for my favorite examples of how this color (turned trend, turned marketing ploy) is taking over.

In Our Beauty Products

Hermès just launched a new fragrance called Twilly d’Hermès—a beautiful scent designed for the sophisticated Millennial embracing their adventurous youth. The bottle is equipped with a ribbon that is a youthful take on the classic Hermès scarf, which Millennials can use to accessorize. There no doubt in my mind that the pink perfume will be a tremendous success.

On the Runway

Alexander McQueen Runway

Millennial Pink has been spotted on the runways of high-end designers from Carolina Herrera to Alexander McQueen. It’s become almost as common and convenient as (but certainly more enlivening than) black or white—making it a fall necessity.

In Our Food and Drinks

Pink Ombré drink by Starbucks

Starbucks is officially on board with the Millennial Pink fad. First, they came out with the Unicorn Frappuccino that took Instagram by storm; but, apparently that just wasn’t quite blush-toned enough. All eyes are now on the Pink Ombré drink, which has recently been added to their year-round menu.

Throughout Hotels

Sure, these hotels have been sporting the color long before it was trendy, but as of late, the pink has been all the appeal.

Hamilton Princess and Beach Club

Known as the Pink Palace by locals, the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club in Bermuda has certainly embraced its appellation by coining the #poseonpink hashtag that encourages guests to use the Millennial Pink walls as the backdrop to their Instagram shots.

Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France

Or note the blush pink details all over Cheval Blanc St-Barth.


Millennial Pink Party in Montauk; BFA

For the past few years, the Milstein family has thrown the notable philanthropic Black and White party in the Hamptons. But this year, they went for a new angle. Their Millennial Pink bash at the Breakers in Montauk was a success even before it occurred, exemplified by the long wait list of people longing to get in—perhaps the theme and atmosphere were too Instagramable to resist.

2017 Pinknic Festival at Governors Island

Maybe the obsession with Millennial Pink can also account for the success of this year’s Pinknic Festival at Governors Island.

So, it goes without saying that this remains color of the moment. What will come next?