This Week Only: Top London Chef At The Carlyle Restaurant

It may be true that England’s native cuisine is not exactly the world’s most refined. But the British capital of London is one of planet earth’s great international cities, and it’s finest eateries are on par with any in the world.

This week England lends us one of it’s finest gastronomical wizards, as starting today Andrew Turner plays visiting chef in a week-long stint at The Carlyle Restaurant. Turner is the head chef of London’s legendary Wilton’s restaurant, which has been feeding elegant Londoners for 270 years.

Wilton’s is renowned for serving the finest oysters, seafood, wild fish and game to a clientele much like The Carlyle’s, including politicians, aristocrats, and various other distinguished personae.

The special Wilton’s a la carte menu at the Carlyle includes:

Pink Paris mushroom and truffle soup  16

Crab and avocado cocktail   24

Potted shrimps with Melba toast  24

Smoked wild Scottish salmon with cream cheese and beetroot  23

Seared Hudson Valley foie gras, smoked duck and apple  26

Maine lobster in a basil ‘Thermidor’ sauce  55

Sole ‘Diamond Jubilee’, cucumber and butternut squash   60

Poached halibut fillet, trumpet mushrooms, spring onion mash and carrot sauce  42

Corn fed chicken and confit leg pie, red cabbage and potato cake  36

Fillet of Angus beef, bacon, salsify and spinach  42

Chocolate fondant and mint sorbet 14

Neat and tidy Pineapple Pavlova  14

Cambridge cream, orange and coffee  14

Mango eggs  14

Cropwell Bishop Stilton   18

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