Top Agent: Curt “Chip” Hall

Q: Tell me about “plantation life.” Who is typically drawn to these properties, and why? 

A: Plantations in the Southeastern United States are some of the most beautiful places in the world. They typically range in size from several hundred to several thousand acres and are operated primarily for hunting. Many have remained in the same families for generations. People are attracted to this area because of its natural beauty, the abundant fish and wildlife, and the mild climate. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are nearby. The market is good.

Q: Tell me about the areas you represent and how do they differ?

A: We have offices in the plantation areas of South Georgia and North Florida and in Charleston, South Carolina. The difference in the neighborhoods is there are more quail in Georgia and Florida and more ducks in South Carolina. Our company, Plantation Services, began in Albany, Georgia in 1959 selling and managing farms and plantations. At one time we were managing 31 operations. In the process we developed many clients from around the country and a reputation for our expertise in marketing and managing these unique properties. 

Q: Tell me about some of the new and exciting properties currently in your inventory.

A: Our three newest listings are in South Carolina. The first is a 1640-acre historic riverfront hunting plantation in the ACE Basin. There’s also an 1800-acre timber and hunting tract that is part of the Hampton Stokes Field Club. Finally, we have a 520-acre country estate with a significant house overlooking lakes and quail woods. In Georgia, we just closed the sale of Gillionville, a quail plantation known worldwide. It has been in the same family for 150 years.

1,640-acre plantation in the ACE Basin in South Carolina.