Top Agents: AMM Team

Q: How are you communicating right now?

A: Communication is certainly the key to our business and in this time of uncertainty, it remains the cornerstone of what we do. Right now, Zoom conference calls among our team and with our colleagues have replaced being in the office altogether. Communicating with our clients via FaceTime, Email, and/or telephone calls is imperative. Not only to discuss the market and our strategy for their listing or their purchase, but also to make sure that they are well and taken care of. Our relationships with clients go far beyond the transactions we do together. 

Q: Have you found virtual showings to be effective? 

A: Virtual showings are and will continue to become an even more effective tool for brokers. New York real estate has historically been focused on in-person showings. However, the community was slowly moving towards a more technology-based system prior to the crisis. One of the biproducts of the need for social distancing will be that our move towards virtual showings will be accelerated. 

Q: What kind of activity do you expect post shelter-in-place?

A: New York is such a vibrant and unique city with a diverse and amazing population. Those attributes remain unchanged and keep New York City as a constant, not a trend. Once the market reopens, the first to put their feet back in will be the investors who recognize that the dip in prices will be a major buying opportunity. We will also see the people who were active buyers before the market paused. As we speak with our buyers, they are still very much interested in their searches. The demand is there. Buyers will be looking for a fair price based on this new landscape. A seller who prices wisely within that fair range will find a buyer and transactions will occur. 

129 East 69th Street, #7B in New York, New York; $4,375,000.