Top Agents: Deborah C. Fisher

Q: Have you found virtual showings to be effective? 

A: We have found these showings to be very effective. They usually lead to a request for more information and a consideration of offer. We have found that out of town buyers or virtual clients may also need a virtual tour of the immediate neighborhood.  Recently, one of our agents safely placed the phone on the dashboard of his car and gave the clients a neighborhood tour. They ultimately did write an offer but did not win the bid in a multiple offer situation. 

Q: Do you see any of these day-to-day changes persisting after social distancing orders are no longer in place? 

A: I believe many of the things that we have implemented at Handsome will continue. They are positive changes which empower the buyer with information to make a decision.  Our job more than ever is to gather as much information and knowledge as possible and provide it to our clients. These virtual tours including aerial and 360 will change the way most buyers seek and procure property in the future.  

Q: What kind of activity do you expect to see in the spring?  

A: We expect a delayed yet robust spring market. Our market is positioned toward the high end, and we believe there is now a market more than ever for a client to choose a different lifestyle in a beautiful, cultural city. This may be a new primary residence or a place to visit. “Commuting from Charleston” is not a new concept but I suspect we will see a bigger contingency of professionals opting for this lifestyle with the many flights to New York and other large cities.

Q: What kind of listings are in high demand right now?

A: The luxury market is in demand but we are seeing activity across the board. One surprise is the strong interest in properties with a commercial component such as a boutique Inn or a small multi-unit historic property. The locations include the Historic Peninsula, Mount Pleasant, the beach communities such as Kiawah Island, Seabrook, and Isle of Palms.

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