Top Agents: Harald and Bruce Grant

Q: Do you expect a busy selling season as we transition into Spring?

A: We are hoping that the early and strong sales activity will continue through the spring and summer. The Hamptons are looking more appealing and inviting than ever, and that alone will drive demand. We are ready.

Q: What’re the benefits of purchasing a home over renting?

A: Owning a home in the Hamptons means that the owner has options. Hamptons homeowners can choose to use their home at will, as suits their plans, or come out anytime on the spur of the moment. We often say that someone who owns a home in the Hamptons spends 50 out of 52 weekends here. Owners also have the option to rent their homes, so that the home as an asset earns its keep. Renting can be advantageous for those who do not want to be tied down to the management of an entire household and property. It really comes down to customer preference.

Q: What kind of properties have been most popular?

A: Homes and properties, whether waterfront, in the village centers, or in the middle of farm fields—it doesn’t matter—as long as the homes are impeccably maintained, brand new, and have all the modern technologies that customers have long come to expect. Everything has to be right up-to-date, top to bottom.

Q: Are there any areas in the Hamptons on the rise?

A: We wouldn’t say that any particular area per se is “on the rise.” What is more interesting are street-by-street or road-by-road transformations. Individual streets in the villages or further afield seem to undergo changes as older homes or land are sold, and either wholesale renovations or new builds take their places. A leisurely drive throughout the East End reveals these changes, from the oceanfront homes on Meadow and Gin Lane in Southampton, to smaller homes in the village streets. It’s always interesting to note these changes. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.

310 First Neck Lane in Southampton; $24,995,000.