Top Agents: Liza Pulitzer and Whitney McGurk

Whitney McGurk and Liza Pulitzer

Q: How will the new season affect the Palm Beach market?
We are anticipating a strong spring/summer with a lot of activity. We had a slow start to the season due to stock market and political jitters but we turned a corner in February and have been non-stop since. We also think that once April 15th is upon us, more and more families from the northeast will take a stronger look at Palm Beach, which will extend the buying season.

Q: Aside from being considered a tax haven, what makes Palm Beach an attractive place for couples and families?
Palm Beach has long been famous for its beaches, outdoor sports, and spectacular weather. It’s only 15 minutes away from the airport, making it easily accessible. But let’s not forget that our schools, on- and off-island, are first-class!

Q: Is there anything about Palm Beach real estate our readers might find surprising?
We are finding that more and more people are being drawn to the North End. It’s becoming increasingly family friendly due to the proximity to the beaches and bike path.

Q: Tell us about a listing.
All of our listings are equally important to us. Whether it be a $1M+ apartment or a $100M+ home, many times we have to be creative to sell properties. We use our imagination and combine that with our clients’ needs to make deals.

146 Seaspray Avenue in Palm Beach; $6,750,000.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?
We have created an incredible team. Between the two of us, our clients always have our attention. Selling off-market properties has become a specialty of ours due to the relationships that have been forged over a lifetime of living on the island. Sellers know we are discreet and trust us to sell properties before they hit the market, and we have built an enormous clientele because of this.