Top Brokers: Nikki Field

Q: Why should clients work with The Field Team?

A: New Yorkers are indeed afforded a best-in-class caliber of real estate professionals. Buyers and Sellers have an enormous selection of highest-level agent representatives and our transactions  more often than not are balanced on both sides of the deal with experienced professionals. Clients choose The Field Team for our 20+ years of deep market knowledge and skill sets. We have transacted nearly $4B in sales and annually rank as the #1 Sales Team at Sotheby’s International Realty in New York. The Field Team Advantage consists of 24 experienced professionals, each with general market strength as well as a mastery of a specific market specialty, location or property structure and our clients benefit from the knowledge and experience of our entire team. 

Q: What advice can you offer buyers and sellers?

A: Buyers: If you are not in the market, now is an opportune time to enter, upgrade or downsize as there are still market opportunities throughout Manhattan at all price points. 

Sellers: It is safe to come on the market now and possibly meet your long awaited pricing expectations.

Nikki Field

Q: Predictions for 2022?

A: For the next several quarters, above average sales activity is expected as momentum shifts away from the suburbs and international travel returns. Investors will ramp up, fueled by rising rental returns and extended tax benefits, hedging inflation and diversifying funds with Wall Street’s strong year and with a new mayor… all indicate an enhanced and bullish confidence in New York City. GOOD BYE INVENTORY AND HELLO RISING PRICES!

Q: Tell us about a standout listing. 

A: Rising markets necessitate smart marketing strategies, and my Team has identified the strength and the appetite for “Private Offerings.” Call us for details on our $70,000,000 35ft. Mansion off Fifth Avenue or our $85,000,000 Double Penthouses with hotel services on Central Park.

A private New York City penthouse offering $85,000,000.