Transforming Your Home During Difficult Times

“Beauty has a huge role to play in altering our mood,” says the philosopher and writer Alain de Botton. “When we call a chair or a house beautiful, really what we’re saying is that we like the way of life it’s suggesting to us. It has an attitude we’re attracted to: if it was magically turned into a person, we’d like who it was.”

The world has experienced a major shift since the beginning of March. We now spend more time at home either working remotely, helping our children with schoolwork, or just preferring to stay safe. Many are refocusing their less-than-favorable energies on the positive—like a new home design.

Chairs from a previous home, all decoratively repainted and reupholstered, and the table was refinished and then newly stained—also, there is a television behind the mirror above the fireplace.

Currently there is a trend among designers of utilizing revitalized furniture pieces, and with most people quarantined, several are searching for a project to keep them occupied. Turning a previously loved piece of furniture into something entirely new is a fantastic way to stay creative. Plus, there are designers (available online or local) who can lead you through the process. Right now, you can easily access the designers that are transforming vintage, second hand, and even tired pieces into entirely new and exciting décor. 

A home that inspires happiness and well-being can be the edge you need to stay ahead of this chaotic time. By “refreshing” your existing furnishings, you won’t need to worry about deliveries, losing deposits, installations, or just spending too much money in an uncertain time. And by consulting with your local professional designer you are also supporting small businesses.

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Shells, twigs, and natural wood were added to the table.