Unreal Estate: The Most Expensive Block In Manhattan

What’s the priciest four-block square in Manhattan? A little patch of land bordered on the north and south by East 71st and 70th Streets, and on the east and west by Fifth and Park.

According to a recent post by PropertyShark.com, this block boasted nine transactions with a median sale price of $8.9 million. The biggest transaction was for a co-op at 720 Park Avenue, which sold for just under $22 million.

Property Shark’s methodology was to look at every block in New York City with at least three transactions over the past two years.

What’s even more amazing about the most expensive block is that a large portion of it isn’t even devoted to residential units, being the home of the Frick Collection.

The Property Shark graphic below shows the location (in red) of four of the top 10 most expensive blocks: