Veronica Beard: Resort 2015

by Alex R. Travers

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Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard, sisters-in-law and founders of Veronica Beard, have an unrushed knack for wardrobe development. What may bore the consumer—the placement of a dart, a fabric’s malleability—excites the Beards. Of all their collections I’ve seen, this one felt the most confident, using basic pieces—shifts, a trench, blazers, trousers, a moto jacket—as blank canvases for them to express their own resort aesthetic. A Veronica Beard collection usually isn’t big but the image it paints is durable. If you reduced their Resort ’15 to a sentence you’d get, “A new, season-less wardrobe that will never go out of style.” Many pieces have details you might miss by just looking at these images, like the silk back of a spongy-knit sweater with white polka dots or a swath of scuba traced on to a trench. Or even that stunning varsity-trimmed floral jacquard crop top, which gave a glimpse of luscious island life after the sun descends below the horizon. They even steered their ever-so-popular leggings into new territory, allowing denim (a first for the designers) to mold the same fit.

Jamaica was the stated inspiration for the collection, but mainly for the wood-block prints, which were pressed onto a shift and skirt and embroidered onto a tunic-y top. That top was paired with silky, ivory track pants—breezy, soft, and beautifully tailored. On the walls opposite the clothes racks were pictures of the Jamaica the Beards envisioned. I remember seeing those famous Howell Conant shots of Grace Kelly. Which proves that the Veronicas are still going for a look that everyone can find appealing.