Vhernier’s Animal Kingdom: The Animalier Brooch Collection


The house of Vhernier was founded with a mission to create unique jewels, each one special and hand-made, their shapes influenced by movements in modern art and contemporary design. Handcrafted expertise is at the core of every Vhernier creation, and, as such, the jewels are a result of meticulous workmanship by highly skilled goldsmiths who create with a profound knowledge of materials—gold, diamonds, and colored stones—the foundation of the brand.

It’s no wonder, then, that Vhernier’s Animalier brooch collection is the true definition of micro-sculpture masterpieces. These works of art are crafted from the unique technique of overlapping multiple layers of stone and exalting the color and depth with the transparency of rock crystal. This painstaking technique means that each brooch is produced in a limited edition, making them one of a kind. The creatures of the Animalier collection are all portrayed in a different position to emphasize the beauty of each animal in its natural environment.Vhernier specializes in a technique known as “triplet,” where a play of color and unusual reflections are created by layering a stone, a thin layer of mother of pearl, and rock crystal on top. These stones are either carved out from a single block or layered on top of each other in paper-thin sheets, affording hues that are otherwise not found in nature. The harlequin reflections of the Australian opal, which fade into the orange of the cornelian made opalescent by the mother of pearl, merge into the green of the imperial emerald. Everything is made magical by the overhanging rock crystal, which gives body and light to the shape.

Vhernier’s goldsmiths express themselves through their attention to detail: the shells of the Tartaruga (sea turtles) are carved by hand, amplifying the volume and mimicking their real-life appearance. A chip of emerald is added to the collar of the Lucertola (lizard) and is only visible from certain angles, thanks to the transparency effect of the rock crystal layered above.

These exotic animals are embellished with pavé diamonds and brought to life with vibrant and cheerful colors. The Animalier collection is—quite brilliantly, as you’ll see once pinned on yourself—the metropolitan jungle of Vhernier.