Vivienne Tam Spring 2014

by Alex R. Travers

KIM_0314.450x675Vivienne Tam’s Spring 2014 collection had a few surprises and no major disappointments. Inspired by the pounding pulse of a busy metropolis, she made sure her collection packed punches. To put it in Tam’s lingo, the line was “an ode to modern Shanghai, celebrating its new golden age as the epicenter of culture, fashion, technology, and commerce.”

After a run of dizzying prints, a white mini skirt with pert pleats helped relax the retina. It came with a three-quarter-sleeve texture jacket worn over an embroidered bandeau, the former, airy and open, the latter close fitting and compact. The look, in it is completion, demonstrated the best way to bare midriff. Bias-cut dresses hugged bodies in the right places, but were busied up by the prints i.e., the multi-stripe diagonal fold-front gown. Her final look, a black and white lotus paper cutout dress, was a smartly adapted version of the iconic qipao.

Among the prints, the most palatable was a squiggle leaf pattern injected with vivid blots of color that had all the jolt and immediacy of a Jackson Pollock drip painting. While lines swirled, crisscrossed, and layered, they worked well with the clean silhouette of a white sheath and a pair of matching separates: Tam’s sporty high-low crop top and cigarette trouser. A more relaxed look was an abstract plaid short jacket paired with matching tap shorts.