Warhol Foundation to Donate or Sell Its Collection

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Warhol Foundation will donate or sell its whole collection
THE NEW YORK TIMES – Over twenty-five years after Warhol’s death, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts will liquidate its entire collection of more than 20,000 paintings, prints, photographs and drawings. Works will be sold at live and online auctions by Christie’s over several years. Combined sales are expected to total more than $100 million.

[ARIS Commentary: Because the Warhol Foundation no longer authenticates artworks for the commercial market (see ARIS News, January 17, 2012), buyers should consider purchasing Warhol works sold directly from the Warhol Foundation with title insurance to shore up the authenticity via locking the legal chain of title at the initial primary market sale, when there is limited risk or exposure and hence lowest insurance premium cost. An art title insurance policy at inception maximizes the value to the Warhol artwork over the years and when the insured or the insured’s heirs are ready to gift or sell the object.]  Access Full Text