Weddings: Sarah Bray & Eric Christopher West

Before COVID-19 overwhelmed New York City, Sarah and Eric made the spontaneous decision to have a civil ceremony at City Hall prior to their large, days-long celebration at Coral Beach Club in Bermuda in June. The civil ceremony, which was followed by an early dinner at Via Carota, was one of the last performed before the city was tragically shut down. As the coronavirus was spreading throughout the city by the end of March, the couple decided to cancel their Bermuda wedding weekend with the safety of guests in mind. To Sarah, the wedding cancellation was a blessing in disguise. “Weddings can be stressful and unnecessarily expensive, and although we pretty much had it all planned by the time we had to cancel, I felt relieved. When the pandemic became everyone’s new reality, a wedding felt insane. With so many people suffering, who can think of an elaborate wedding?”

Images courtesy of Carly Tumen