Something Blue

  “Something olde, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” This tradition comes from an Old English rhyme and lists the objects that the bride adds to her […]

Blue Velvet by VHERNIER

  As a result of over two years of research and study to work titanium in an unprecedented way, the Blue Velvet expresses the avant-garde nature of jewelry design that is constantly evolving into […]

Hollywood and Trump

  Hollywood is in a snit. Hollywood is very angry and depressed. Hollywood is having a nervous breakdown. The Donald is in the White House and Hollywood types cannot take it any […]

Meera Gandhi Reaches Out

Meera GandHi is CEO and founder of the Giving Back Foundation, a non-profit organization whose focus is on alleviating poverty and suffering, with a specific emphasis  on underserved children and women. Since […]

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